About Us

At Sentient Sounds we believe that music and sound within Animation and Video Games should invoke emotion and enhance, not merely accompany on-screen visuals. We also believe that the composer should be as involved as possible within this process and work closely with the studio in order to achieve the best desired results. We love video games, and the way music is expressed within games has come a long way, both technologically and conceptually with the advent of vertical and horizontal interactive stem layering techniques, and here at Sentient Sounds we strive to be at the edge of innovation. We offer composing services for individual pieces, or entire soundtracks, composed around and tailored to the feel of the project.

For enquires please contact: sentientsounds@outlook.com


To date, Sentient Sounds has scored four shorts films, one feature film and co-scored a feature film, including the multi-award winning short film ‘AWOL’, as well as providing tracks for video game projects and social media advertising videos.

Working within these different mediums, ie short narrative/feature length, has allowed Sentient Sounds to develop a well rounded view and approach to the varied needs of different projects.

Interactive Score Demo

Scoring I wrote in as a series of stems that will be triggered by different events such as entering/exiting a new area, completing a objective, entering/exiting combat etc

Some Things – scored by Sentient Sounds

The Diary – Scored by Sentient Sounds

A.W.O.L – Scored by Sentient Sounds

Are We Dead Yet – Scored by Sentient Sounds

She’s The One – co-scored by Sentient Sounds

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